I look at life as a set of choices. Years of daily food and lifestyle choices define our current and future health states. I often see a disconnect between people's daily actions and their life-long aspirations. Using my customized approach, transform the way you think about self-care and bring a healthy vibrancy to your life. Take charge of how you feel in your own body with New Vibrant Me.

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Diet is key to optimal health, yet determining which dietary choices work best for you can be very confusing. When I analyze your food journal, I look for reasons why you might be feeling discomfort. With respect to your bio-individuality, I coach you on how to transform your health through what you put on your plate. 

"In the beginning, I had serious eczema and I was sensitive to many types of food. I could only eat some vegetables and rice. I tried acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and supplements. None of them worked.


Then I met Tatiana. She was very patient and really caring. Her muscle testing helped me find what kinds of supplements worked for me.


Half a year ago I was weak, but now I am much better and enjoy any foods. Tatiana is a wonderful nutritional therapist!"  

- Sabrina C. Kirkland, WA

August, 2018

Symptoms such as bloating, acid reflux, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, IBS, weight issues, fatigue, skin problems, joint pain, poor sleep, moodiness, migraines, and allergies (to name a few) are our body’s way of saying "I am not happy with how you are treating me." In my practice, I use a comprehensive online health assessment to capture your full health history, lifestyle, and symptoms as an initial benchmark of your health. Once I learn all about you, I present you with your master plan, and we begin your health transformation—at your own pace. 

Life is a set of choices. Sustaining a change can be really hard on your own. Keeping you motivated and accountable is my job. Take the first step by reaching out to me, and I will help you with the rest. Nutritional therapy is a gradual transformation process, taking a minimum of 3 months on average and requiring accountability for the therapy time. There is no quick fix, but amazing results come to those who are determined. Let’s partner together in achieving your health goals.   

I started a nutrition program with Tatiana about three month ago.Tatiana helped me realize what was wrong in my diet and 
I am very happy with all the changes I made in my cooking and eating habits.Tatiana is very enthusiastic,passionate and cultivated person. Her nutrition program well supported by her knowledge of anatomy, biology and medicine. Tatiana is patient, supportive and she has an individual approach to each client what makes the experience with her unique. I see a lot of positive changes in my health,sleeping and maintenance of every day level of energy. I would highly recommend Tatiana!

— Tatyana C. Redmond, WA

November, 2017

"Highly recommended!!! Tatiana is very knowledgeable and very passionate about nutrition. I have taken her class and became much more educated about how different food choices can make you feel." 

— Tanya K.

November, 2017

"What a life changing experience it has been to work with Tatiana on a one-on-one and also in the group classes. My knowledge and lifestyle have changed completely with a much better understanding of everything that I consume. Thank you very much for all your help and support, Tatiana."

— Alyson J. Kirkland, WA

September, 2017

"Six month ago I was not in a good place: I was skipping meals just to avoid ongoing discomfort and bloating. My extra weight and joint pain were limiting my ability to be active, I could not even walk fast as I wanted. My sleep was terrible, making me feel tired during the day, and anxious about everything. All of this is gone now, I feel comfortable in my own body, have plenty of energy to walk, run and hike. I receive lots of compliments about my body shape and skin condition, my self confidence is through the roof! My husband and I are very pleased with the results. Thanks, Tatiana!"

— Nadia A. Bellevue, WA

August, 2017