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Life is a set of choices

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Experience what it's like to feel your best in your own body with New Vibrant Me Nutrition. Follow your custom designed nutrition plan, receive regular feedback, and experience measurable progress and accountability. With my individualized guidance, your work on yourself will be real, and so will the results. 

Tatiana NTP, FNLP is a Holistic Nutrition Counselor with a private practice in Kirkland, WA since 2016 . She is Board Certified in holistic nutrition and provides leading edge functional nutrition solutions in the following fields:

  • Weight Management

  • Blood Sugar Management

  • Digestive Disorders

  • Food Sensitivities and Allergies

  • Skin Issues

  • Longevity Health Management

So much is possible with New Vibrant Me Nutrition. Integrate your dietary fine-tuning with your personal health aspirations to become the best version of yourself. See what my clients have to say about their nutrition makeover journey with me. 

"Six  months ago I wondered if I was becoming diabetic, if I wasn’t already.  Frankly I was afraid to know.  I hadn’t had a physical in 4 years.  I weighed 230 lbs.  I would fat shame myself to make sure others wouldn’t be critical of me.


I exercised, but it was a struggle.  My energy bounced up and down like a yoyo!


Through the gift of a friend who cared (to who I am forever indebted for his guidance), I was introduced to Tatiana.  She took me to a new level of understanding and commitment to getting myself to better place; not just how I eat, but how I see myself.  And I am down 45 lbs. to 185 lbs. and believe to comfortably exercise lots.


Not only has she “saved me” (and I do mean this), she has save someone else.  About the time I stared working with Tatiana, it became clear my brother would need a kidney transplant.  Contrary to my fears I might not, I have qualified as a kidney donor and the transplant is scheduled. This would not have happened without Tatiana.


Tatiana is a life changer."


— David M. Pasadena, CA

February, 2018



Complimentary Sample Session

Not sure what to eat? Tried everything and still struggle with unresolved health concerns? Very often simple tweaks to dietary and lifestyle choices may go a long way. Let's review your personal story and uncover what the ultimate strategy may look like for you.  Request your session today

Discovery Session 1

This consultation includes: diet, lifestyle and health state review, defining optimal dietary and lifestyle choices to address your specific health concerns, setting goals and expectations. By the end of this session we will identify potential obstacles and have a clear plan on how you can move forward.

Discovery Session 2

Here we take a deep dive into your specific health concerns through the lens of physiology and biochemistry. Here we find the appropriate nutritional support and develop a life-changing strategy for you. By the end of this session, you will have a complete plan with dietary, lifestyle, and nutritional recommendations to achieve your health goals. 

Follow-up Sessions

Achieving life-changing results requires crystal clear plan, passionate leadership, and consistent accountability. While we work together toward your ultimate health goals, I am your biggest fan, where your success is mine, every step of the journey!

Functional Evaluation

This physical evaluation involves utilizing pressure points and muscle testing techniques to identify organs/systems in need for specific nutritional support. Upon identifying problem areas, we use Lingual Neural Testing (LNT) to determine what exactly needed to facilitate optimal healing. 

Nutrition Education

Learn how food choices can help you to lose weight, feel your best, and live a longer, healthier life in a fun group environment. Classes are offered in-person or online on an ongoing basis. Topics vary and may be adjusted to fit your specific requests. LEARN MORE >